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The Moodle Wiki module enables participants to work together on web pages to add, expand and change the content.

Old versions are never deleted and can be restored.

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It can be useful as a quick poll to stimulate thinking about a topic; to allow the class to vote on a direction for the course; or to gather research consent.

The Database module allows the teacher and/or students to build, display and search a bank of record entries about any conceivable topic.

Finally, it is possible to automatically create links to these entries from throughout the course.

A lesson delivers content in an interesting and flexible way. Each page normally ends with a question and a number of possible answers.

These can be prepared files uploaded to the course server; pages edited directly in Moodle; or external web pages made to appear part of this course.

The respondusws module is not a typical activity module.Instances of this module cannot be created or deleted.A single shared instance is available to the entire site.Teachers can use these to gather data from their students that will help them learn about their class and reflect on their own teaching.A Wiki enables documents to be authored collectively in a simple markup language using a web browser.The Package module allows you to easily upload any standard SCORM or AICC package and make it part of your course.

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