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The taste is nasty - sweet, raw alcohol, nail polish remover and soap. There’s a good amount of lemon in the aftertaste to take the edge off the warming, heavy, lingering alcohol. A good nominee for nights out drinking with the guys out at the old hunting shack.

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that award 's been earned by the King Of Beers with their "Hurricane". ;) Appearance: Pale almost greenish yellow, pretty bright and vivid though. Taste: Steely and astringent, sour and acidic, but also some notes of apple cider like sweetness and notes of a bad bourbon.

Mouthfeel: No better or worse than any other malt liquor, light bodied, medium carbonation. Drinkability: I'd rather have a 211 High Gravity, this is pretty hard to throw back.

This shows the worst of the stereotypical malt liquor. The body is typically medium-full with a dextrinous edge that's cut through with alcohol.

I will continue to pick these guys up when I need a quick and cheap pick me up.

The carbonation is restrained to help keep it "smooth" ;) The flavor offers the typical adjunct-laden sweet malt, with a fruity edge and some higher alcohols thrown in thanks to a fast and hot fermentation.

A minor hop flavor is discernable between start and mid-palate, but then the alcohol wash shuts pretty much everything else down. a drip of cirtrus, some perfume - or maybe just roses...

- a splash of the water that's left from a can of corn, a thin drizzle of honey. don't complain to me if you get hammered and kill your neighbor or wake up with the worst hangover you've ever had and call in sick "forever" - I warned you!

Bitterness is, as appropriate, limited but uneccessary due to the alcohol that cuts through the maltiness... Overall, it's certainly not the worst malt liquor I've ever had.. Oh, and if there really is a "Satan", it's more likely that he's involved with this beer than anything by the name of "Duvel". Smell: Very steely, slight alcohol burn, a little spicy character.

Everyone should try Camo at least once (drinking a 99 cent malt liquor does gives you life experience). I work at a distributer that sells this beer so I had to try it.

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