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I know 'mam' is used in Wales, but 'mum' is the standard form in England.I believe the US/UK difference evolved because the 19th century 'mama/mamma' was pronounced 'momma' in the US but 'mu-MA' (with the stress on the second syllable' in England.My husband is Scottish while I am Welsh from both Welsh and Scottish families.

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My guess is that these people are NOT native speakers, because a British child until the 1990s would never have called their mother "mom" or "mommy" or "ma", these are typical American terms of endearment. Often a British author will use American terms if the plot requires it, and British authors are published in the States, and hence Am Eng and Br Eng expressions will overlap.

As for nowadays, maybe the odd British child does say mom because of American TV influence but personally, I have never watched a British TV programme, read a British book or heard a British-born person use that word or that particular spelling. I live in Birmingham, West Midlands UK and always spell it MOM. Its local to Birmingham & Black Country in the West Midlands UK. So, are you saying that none of the two charts should be taken seriously?

Perhaps I should put the letters on the web so I can quote them in an answer.

We have several informal words for “mother” in English: mum (heard in much of England), mom (heard in much of America), and mam (heard in Ireland and Northern England).

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Its late appearance in English is curious, but Middle English had mome (mid-13c.) "an aunt; an old woman," also an affectionate term of address for an older woman.

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